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A Bioinformatics Approach to the Design and Engineering of Biomimetic Personalized Nanoparticle Therapy for Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Andrew Gdowski, Amalendu Ranjan, Victor Lin, Jana Lampe, Jamboor Vishwanatha, and Andrew Gdowski


Polymeric Nanoparticle-Mediated Gene Delivery to Human Astrocytes
Chaitanya R. Joshi, Vinod Labhasetwar, and Anuja Ghorpade


Outcomes Associated with a Trial of Labor After Cesarean Section
Brett Westbrook, Ralph Anderson, Martha Felini, Austin Baker, Tracy Papa, Meagan Benson, Kellie Flood-Shaffer, and Leah Zimmerman


Perspectives on Cancer and Cancer Screenings Among Refugee Immigrants
Iram Qureshi, Amy Raines Milenkov, Emelda Thein, Halimo Mudey, Laurette Rudasingwa, and Radhika Subedi


Threats to the Tradition and Practices of Breastfeeding in Refugees Following Resettlement in Tarrant County
Tanir Moreno, Amy Raines-Milenkov, Eva Baker, Katherine N. Durbin, Victoria Kwentua, Emelda Thein, Halimo Mudey, Radhika Subedi, and Laurette Rudasingwa


Osteonecrosis Following Radiation and Osteoporosis
Leah Mello, Ralph Anderson, Gennady Miroshnichenko, Erin Keck, and Leah Zimmerman


The Impact of Environment on Hormone Replacement Therapy
Clayton C. McCuiston, Phong Duong, and Rebecca L. Cunningham


The Relationship Between Food Tracking And Attendance in a Weight Management Intervention in African American Women
Kisa D. Gant, Surendra Reddy Mandapati, Leilani Dodgen, and Heather Kitzman-Ulrich PhD


Anatomical Variation in a Case of Bifid Rib
Brandon C. Schmeits and Cara Fisher M.S.


Comparison of Trunk and Leg Sway During Single Leg Stance
Matt Pennucci, Howe Liu, David Dillard, and Stephen Baker


Effectiveness of Sternal Precautions after Median Sternotomy: A Systematic Review
Marie MacDonald and Myla Quiben PT, PhD, DPT, GCS, NCS Associate Professor

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