The 10th Annual Texas Conference on Health Disparities

Program Overview

The 10th Annual Texas Conference on Health Disparities will be held June 11-12, 2015 at the UNT Health Science Center. The overall theme for the conference is “Basic, Clinical and Community Approaches to Solving Obesity."

This conference will feature nationally recognized speakers and community speakers. Educational and interactive presentations, panel discussions and roundtable sessions will identify challenges and bring conference attendees closer to developing a prospectus for the future.

The conference will also highlight the ongoing research programs and efforts including community engagement programs that are aimed to understand the underlying causes of such disparities and devising innovative strategies to ultimately eliminate them.

Call for Abstracts

The Texas Center for Health Disparities (TCHD) requests your participation in the 10th Annual Texas Conference on Health Disparity Research Poster Presentation. The TCHD meeting is an opportunity to present your research/program through a poster presentation and expand your scientific and professional knowledge through collegial interactions fostering networking opportunities. Student abstracts will be judged on-site and are eligible for awards. Find detailed information on this year's conference by reviewing our agenda.

Abstract submissions are now closed.

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10th Annual Texas Conference on Health Disparities