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Comparing Traditional Case-Based Application and Student Question Creation Exercise on Student Performance and Perceptions

RAD Assignment Number: 801

Carol A. Kominski PhD, UNT Health Science Center
Amulya Tatachar PharmD, UNT Health Science Center

Humeral Head Intraosseous Access: Filling the Military Training Gap

RAD Assignment Number: 802

Jeffrey C. Mott DHSc, PA-C, UNT Health Science Center
Teresita Sotomayor, Army Research Laboratory, Simulation & Training Technology Center
Brian W. Hill, US Army Center for Prehospital Medicine
Crystal Maraj, University of Central Florida, Institute for Simulation & Training
Edward Stadler, Simetri Solutions

Assessment of health literacy and potential barriers regarding Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV vaccine among parents/guardians

RAD Assignment Number: 803

Grace Rovner, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Shane Fernando, UNT Health Science Center
Nusrath Habiba MD, UNT Health Science Center
Richard Magie DO, UNT Health Science Center
Priya Bui DO, UNT Health Science Center

Improving Communication Skills in Orthopedic Residents: Dale Carnegie Experience

RAD Assignment Number: 804

Heather M. Chambers, JPS Health Network
Russell Wagner MD, UNT Health Science Center
Fadeke Ogunyanki, JPS Health Network

The Impact of Guided Reflection in the Professional Development of Medical Students in the Context of Death and Dying.

RAD Assignment Number: 805

Sandra Marquez-Hall, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Roy Martin DMin, MDiv, UNT Health Science Center
Janice Knebl DO, MBA, UNT Health Science Center
Jennifer Hsu, UNT Health Science Center

Role of Service Learning in Medical Students’ Clinical and Professionalism Competencies (2016)

RAD Assignment Number: 806

Kathryn J. Dolan Ph.D., Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine