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Development of a serum free astrocyte culture method that mimic resting in vivo astrocyte phenotype
Jude Prah, Ali Winters, Kiran Chaudari, Jessica Hersh, Ran Liu, and Shaohua Yang


Placental Exposure to Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress Causes Mitochondrial DNA Release into the Extracellular Space
Spencer C. Cushen, Oluwatobiloba Osikoya, Alexandra Blessing, Nicole R. Phillips, and Styliani Goulopoulou


McLennan County Mosquito Research: Diversity and Disease-Vector Potential
Mackenzie John Ewart, Clayton Rabbe, and Harinder Singh


Uterine perivascular adipose tissue: A novel regulator of uterine artery hemodynamics during normal pregnancy
Oluwatobiloba Osikoya, Hijab Ahmed, Sareh Panahi, Stephane L. Bourque, and Styliani Goulopoulou


Assessing Women’s Perceptions of Their HPV and Cervical Cancer Knowledge
Morgan O'Neal, Sarah Matthes, and Erika Thompson


Giant ICA Aneurysm in Pregnancy: A Case Report
Divya Naik and Christine Hoang


Tarrant County Breast, Cervical, and Ovarian Cancer Resources
Sarah E. Hutton, Sarah J. Philip MS, Heather D. DeVille MS, Rebecca Mickle, Aparna Sankar MS, and Kathy Dolan PhD


Cervical cancer screening: Does educational attainment moderate Protection Motivation Theory correlates?
Annalynn M. Galvin, Ashvita Garg, Sarah Matthes, and Erika L. Thompson


Does Mental Health Differ by Ethnicity and Income in Middle-Aged Females?
Sean Jamieson, Shannon M. Swickard, Abby L. Cahill, Sharonica S. Powell, Kenya Samuels, and Jessica L. Hartos


Is Mental Health Status Related To Alcohol Use In Pregnant Women Ages 21-35?
Lindsay M. Friesenhahn B.S., Jessica L. Hartos PhD, Jessie C. Ramsey B.S., Alee C. Sdao B.S., and Mackenzie A. Warner B.S.


Is Weight Status Related to Sleep Duration in Middle Aged Women?
Emily C. Cavazos PA-S, Jessica L. Hartos PhD, Annalee F. Alston PA-S, Jessica K. Jones PA-S, and Cori A. Sparks PA-S

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