"Is it as Simple as ABC?" -- Applying Uganda's ABC Approach Amongst the Dinka Ethnic Group of Southern Sudan

Nyebol B. Madut B.S., University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth


Madut, Nyebol B., “Is it as simple as ABC? – Applying Uganda’s ABC approach amongst the Dinka ethnic group of Southern Sudan. Master of Public Health (Health Management and Policy), December 2007, 127 pp, 23 figures, 23 tables, bibliography, 157 titles. The purpose of this thesis is to explore those activities than can potentially result in a constructive balance of A, B and C activities, which could translate into an effective HIV prevention strategy for Southern Sudan’s largest ethnic group, the Dinka. In other words, the objective of this paper is to examine the local cultural context of southern Sudan’s largest ethnic group, as well as the state of the AIDS epidemic in areas populated by the Dinka; and then determine which public health and/or health management and policy strategies will prove to be the most effective in tailoring an appropriate mix of ABC activities.