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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Public Health


School of Public Health


Harris, Ann Marie. Assessment and Identification of Areas for Improvement of a Local Health Department Food Safety Program. Master of Public Health (Environmental Health), May 2008, 14 pp. 1 table, 1 figure, references, 14 titles. The Fort Worth Public Health Department (FWPHD) established a standardized assessment to compare compliance rates for risk factors contributing to foodborne illness. The FWPHD identified significantly higher compliance rates in four out of six risk factors. Risk factors posing the greatest risk for out of compliance observations included threats from contaminated equipment and chemical/other hazards. Fast food establishments had a significantly greater risk for contaminated equipment (OR=1.81; CI=1.27, 2.58). Chemical/other hazards was the only risk factor with a higher overall out of compliance rate than the FDA. The FWPHD can now accurately track the effectiveness of training and education programs for food handlers, consumer health specialists, and the overall inspection process.