Association of Leukemia and Other Selected Diseases with Occupational Exposure to Welding

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Public Health

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MENDOZA, HILDA ORALIA. ASSOCIATION OF LEUKEMIA AND OTHER SELECTED DISEASES WITH OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO WELDING. Master of Public Health (Epidemiology). May, 2003. Exposure to carcinogens is an established risk factor for cancer development. Welders are chronically exposed to cardinogens. In this study, the relationship between occupational exposure to welding and mortality from leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, melanoma, lung cancer, or myocardial infarcation was examined. Files from ORISEWDS, Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource, U.S. Department of Energy were utilized to develop a working file including 416,686 records from employees of one or more Oak Ridge, nuclear plant facilities. Neither welding exposure length, radiation exposure, nor smoking were included in this study. Results show higher adjusted ratios (OR) for leukemia, lymphoma, and Hodgkin’s disease for employees occupationally exposed to welding as compared to employees on-occupationally exposed to welding. OR’s for lung cancer and myocardial infarction were also higher for welders than non-welders.

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