Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Health

Field of Study

Social and Behavioral Sciences


School of Public Health

First Advisor

Dr. Carlos Reyes-Ortiz


Rodriguez, Mayra, Acculturation Influences the Association Between Family History of Disease and Quality of Diet. Master of Public Health (Social and Behavioral Sciences), December 2009, 44 pp., 9 tables, 7 illustrations, bibliography, 62 titles.

Ninety percent of the population keeps an unhealthy diet; which results in 80,000,000 with at least one type of cardiovascular disease in the US. This study aims to determine the relationship between family history of disease and quality of diet among adults and how this relationship is influenced by acculturation.

Bivariate, linear regression, mediation analysis showed that those with a family history of CVD have lower homocysteine levels when compared to those without a family history (p<0.001). Also, less acculturated individuals have lower homocysteine

levels than more acculturated individuals (p<0.01). The association is explained in part

by the 18% mediation effect found in acculturation (p<0.0001). Acculturation and family history influence quality of diet among adults.