Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

First Advisor

Claire Kirchhoff


Purpose: The aim of this practicum project was 1) to determine the perceived benefits of, opinion of, and desire to use portals in a CRO; 2) to identify portal upgrade features based on user opinions and suggestions that can enhance communication and increase the transparency of data, and 3) to measure any changes in perceived benefits of, opinion of, and desire to use company portals after demonstration of a proposed upgraded portal model.

Hypothesis: Incorporating end users’ input to optimize portal design will (1) elicit more positive opinions about portal technology and its use, and (2) increase end users’ desire to use portal technology in the future

Design: A survey was conducted to determine the perception and use of the legacy portal and to specify which processes needed to be simpler to access and use in the portal. Using the results of the first survey, a theoretical upgraded portal presentation was designed. This was shown to the participants of the first survey, who then participated in a second survey which determined the perception and potential use of the upgraded portal and evaluated the ease of access and use of important features in the upgraded portal.

Results and Conclusion: After their input was used to design a theoretical upgraded portal system, end users felt more positive towards the new portal and comfortable with adopting and using the upgraded portal.


Moty, Bridget Christen, Clinical Project Management Portal Optimization through Change Management Best Practices, Master of Science (Biomedical Science), November 2013, 96pp., 15 tables, 4 figures, survey, journal entries, bibliography, 15 titles. Available worldwide in December 2014.