Date of Award


Degree Type

Professional Report

Degree Name

Master of Public Health

Field of Study

Community Health


School of Public Health


An estimated 33 million people have been displaced by complex humanitarian emergencies. The most pressing issues of refugees include HIV/AIDS awareness, sexually transmitted diseases, gender issues, human rights, conflict resolution, and repatriation. Primary tasks of humanitarian agencies include health maintenance, nutritional support, community development, and training of health workers. Tools used to promote health and education in the refugee camps include film screening/videotape, pamphlet, posters, self-instructional manual, and group sessions. These strategies address most of the critical health and social issues when a dynamic and community-based approach are used and takes into consideration the cultural norms of the community. These strategies are used to promote health, alleviate psychological trauma, and promote interventions and community responses that allow members of the refugee community to improve health.


Kimunai, Eunice, C., Literature Review of Effective Health Promotion and Education Strategies/Methodology used to Promote Health in the Refugee Community. Masters of Public Health (Community Health), March, 2008, 32 pages.