Date of Award

Winter 12-2009

Degree Type

Restricted Internship Practicum Report

Degree Name

Master of Science

Field of Study

Clinical Research Management


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Patricia Gwirtz


Purpose: To conduct a descriptive examination of Institutional Review Board (IRB) staff members across the United States.

Objective: To determine a pattern or “type” of individual who is most drawn to working with IRBs and to develop a deeper understanding of the backgrounds and experiences of the IRB staff.

Design: An IRB staff survey was distributed, via e-mail, to medical school IRBs which were grouped according to NIH funding in 2008.

Results: The IRB staff pursued an IRB career because of motivational reasons, and they were able to obtain the job due to their background and skills.

Conclusion: Results suggest there is a difference between amount of NIH funding and highest degree obtained, number of protocols reviewed, and number of full-time employees.