Date of Award


Degree Type

Restricted Access Professional Report

Degree Name

Master of Science

Field of Study

Clinical Research Management


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

First Advisor

Michael Smith

Second Advisor

John R. Burk

Third Advisor

Kathy Kwaak


The internship practicum requirement for my Masters degree was completed at Texas Pulmonary and Critical Care Consultants P.A., Research. I worked under the direction of John Burk, M.D., and Kathy Kwaak, RN CCRN. These were the principal investigator and study coordinator respectively. While at TPCCC, I learned about both the administrative and clinical aspects of clinical research. I also gained a great understanding of patient recruitment and retention. Along with the knowledge, I used current study data to complete my research project. The primary focus of my practicum was to evaluate different aspects of patient compliance and retention as a result of the form of patient recruitment. Forms of recruitment in this study include TPCCC database and central advertising. I evaluated five studies. I collected information regarding the number of individuals contacted, enrolled, consented, screened, and early terminations for each study. Furthermore, I determined the most effective form of recruitment at TPCCC. I also acquired data, via a questionnaire, regarding patients’ feelings toward research.


W 4.8 C455C 2008