Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science

Field of Study

Biomedical Sciences

First Advisor

Arthur Eisenberg


The ability to recover DNA and perform DNA analysis from skeletal remains is a valuable tool for identification of missing persons and unidentified remains. DNA extraction from bone often yields low levels of DNA, which can inhibit analysis and impact genetic profiles. Efficient recovery of DNA from bones is therefore vital.

In this study, three molecular weight cut-off columns were evaluated. The Amicon® 10,000 NMWL filter device proved to be most efficient at retaining amplifiable DNA and obtaining optimal genetic analysis results. Additionally, the ability of Amplicon RxTM, a post-PCR treatment, to improve genetic profiles by providing a boost in RFUs obtained during capillary electrophoresis was evaluated.


Amiel, Marie, Effects of Amicon® Ultra-4 Centrifugal Devices on DNA Yield From Bone Samples and Effects of Amplicon RxTM Post-PCR Treatment on RFUs Obtained During Capillary Electrophoresis. Master of Science (Biomedical Sciences), May, 2014, 49 pp., 6 tables, 25 figures, references, 15 titles.