Date of Award

Winter 12-2008

Degree Type

Professional Report


School of Public Health


The Kisumu Medical and Educational Trust (KMET) has created a peer-to-peer outreach project, Sisterhood for Change (SFC), which has been created to train girls and young women on reproductive health issues and thus become community peer educators. This program is now in its third cycle of students and currently has two groups of young women (age 12-24) who have been through life skills training and learned to be reproductive health peer educators; they have also gained vocational training in order to give them alternatives to commercial sex work or reliance on males for money. The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the pilot project by interviewing and observing the first 25 women to be involved in the project, interviewing their relatives, interviewing staff members close to the project, and assessing the participants’ impact in their communities. By using multiple research methods (i.e., interviewing, focus group meetings, participant observation, and surveying) and multiple sources of information, triangulation was achieved to gain a larger view of the successes and challenges in the pilot year of the SFC Project.

SisterhoodforChangeLogSheet.pdf (2 kB)
Sisterhood for Change Log Sheet