Date of Award


Degree Type

Internship Practicum Report

Degree Name

Master of Science

Field of Study

Clinical Research Management


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

First Advisor

Rustin E. Reeves

Second Advisor

Patricia A. Gwirtz


Keeping serum low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels within recommended ranges has been proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular events from occurring. To lower LDL-C levels, statins have been the drug of choice for the last few decades since they were introduced. However, the discovery of PCSK9 inhibitors and new knowledge about how they are able to lower LDL-C levels may provide physicians a new path to consider when choosing a course of treatment in patients that fit the criteria for PCSK9 inhibition. Furthermore, there are several risks with statins which may turn physicians towards using PCSK9 inhibitors in patients with uncontrolled LDL-C. This practicum report is a review of the latest developments in PCSK9 drugs and how they compare to statins in lowering LDL levels.


Available December 2017.